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Oak staircases

We offer a full selection of Oak Staircases from Simple Oak Closed Staircases to Bespoke Oak Openplan and Cut String Staircases.

At Stairplan we produce Oak staircases to the highest standards, we believe that this starts by only using the highest grades of material from the outset. This together with our State of the Art production facility and our policy for continuous improvement ensures we can offer unrivalled quality staircases and remain competitive in the market.

Boston Oak openplan staircase Houston Oak staircase with glass banister Oak european style staircase stainless steel baluster
Boston Oak Staircase
This oak openplan staircase offers traditional and contemporary uncomplicated style .
The Houston staircase
This oak staircase with Houston glass balustrade panels.
European Style handrail
Heavier than standard oak staircases in specification this staircase has 40mm Strings and treads with solid oak risers.
Oak openplan staircase with glass balustrade specification Oak straight staircases closed risers Oak cut string staircases stop chamfered balusters
The Popular Boston Oak Openplan Staircase is available with the trending Vision Glass Balustrade infill option.
Oak openplan staircases

Simple Oak Straight Staircases
Oak Closed string staircases at exeptional value.

Look on Oak Staircase offers

Oak Kensington Staircase
Traditional cut string staircase with contemporary stop chamfered balusters and newel posts.
Oak staircase with Toughened glass banister panels

Oak Staircases with Vision Glass Balustrade . Available with Brackets or With the Glass recessed into Grooved Handrails.

Vision Glass Balustrades

Oak Stairwell Linings >

Oak stairway with glass banister systems

Oak Curved X-Vision Staircase

Oak Curved Staircase

It your looking for a Oak staircase that can make a lasting impression then the Oak Curved X-Vision staircase design can give your hallway the X-factor.

Brooklyn Oak Staircase

Brooklyn Oak Staircase design

Bespoke Oak Cut String Staircase - Brooklyn Staircase - Before and After photos

Oak staircases crafted around you to the highest standards, a oak wood staircase comes in many options white oak, european oak, red oak, character grade, select grade. These staircases will transform your home.

Oak Staircase below with the European Style Handrail from Stairplan, Available with open or closed risers this heavy spec staircase = quality

Oak Staircases

Oak Cut String Staircase

Oak Straight staircase with cut string detail

Above you can see a Brooklyn style Oak cut string staircase, this staircase is in European Oak the bottom step is a bullnose entry step and one of the bespoke details on this staircase was the Oak Carved Newel caps.

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Craftsmans Oak Staircases

Craftsmans Oak quarter landing staircase

The staircase above is a conventional oak closed staircase, our craftsmans range of staircases offer Stairplan's trademark build quality and superb value for money.

Preston 120 Staircase

Preston luxury oak staircase 120mm newel specification

The Preston staircase is a luxury oak staircase with solid oak risers and heavier than standard oak treads. shown here in the heavier Preston 120 specification with 120mm newel posts. Look on Preston Oak Staircases.

Oak Townsend Staircase

Oak Townsend Staircase

Above you can see a example of the Townsend Oak Staircase (Shown here at the National Homebuilding and Renovating Show 2012) The Townsend Staircase has a Chunky design with Oak open stair treads that are approximately 100mm in thickness. The Newel posts are also larger than standard sizes shown here at 120mm square. We offer 2 styles of balustrading, one the left side you can see the Glass Balustrading option and on the Right hand side we have 55mm Oak Square Balusters.

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Curved Oak Staircases

Curved oak staircases

Above you can see a Oak Openplan Staircase with Wreathed Oak Strings ( Curved Strings)

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X-Vision Oak Staircase

Oak floating x-vision staircases

The New X-Vision staircase gives you the latest style with the look of Floating stair treads but supported off the central oak stair string. Solid oak stair treads with Glass balustrade this staircase is a real feature staircase for those looking to create a Grand Design home.

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Z-Vision Oak Staircase

Z-Vision oak staircase

Above you can see the new contemporary Z-Vision oak staircase with Glass Balustrade and contemporary Z Riser detail.

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Quality Oak staircases

Houston Oak Staircase with Glass Balustrade

The new houston oak staircase

Take a look and our New Houston Oak staircase with Glass balustrade panels, the Houston staircase offers grea value for money the standard closed string construction make manufacturing time short keeping the Houston staircase prices competitive for those looking for a oak staircase with Glass balustrade.

Oak staircases with panels of glass for the balustrades

Oak Z-Vision Winder Staircase

Oak Winder Z Vision Staircase

Above is a staircase that is a Z-Vision design Staircase with our European style handrail with Stainless steel balusters. This is a Double Winder Staircase layout. Oak Z-Vision Winder Staircase


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