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Wreath handrail

Here are some pictures of some Wreathed handrails being assembled in our workshop prior to dispatch.

Wreathed handrail is very complex as the handrail profile has to follow the curve and the rise of the staircase whilst keeping the profile level. Otherwise known as a Geometrical Handrail.

Showing how the handrail would go up the staircase

These are the sections of wreath prior to hand finishing.

These are CNC machined to size with the correct end cuts and end drillings to simply bolt together, the only manual work is cutting the wrethed section from the block used to hold the handrail whilst machining and then sanding the components once they have been jointed.

Wreathed handrail sections Geometrical rising curve

This is a picture or the same wreath handrail sections showing the joint from the top on the left and from the bottom on the right. Handrail bolts

Photo showing the handrail joint


When we generate our CNC code to produce the wreathed handrails we use specialist staircase software - this enables us to cut the handrail components with the exact angles and curves to fit the staircase we are designing.

Oak Wreathed handrail sections ready to ship

Note - Stairplan will only Manufacture Wreath Handrails with the complete Staircase. Bespoke Staircases.

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