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Staircase Plans - Use these folders find the closest plan to the stair layout you require.

Straight Staircases

We offer a full range of straight staircases. All made to measure. we offer a full selection of staircase widths and floor to floor heights.

staircase plan drawings straight

Find a plan close to what you require and call us for a quotation.

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Installation Video Guide - Straight Stair

Straight Stair Plan drawings catalogue No Handrails  
straight staircase plan drawings left side handrail balustrade stair plan drawings straight flights with right side handrails Rise and Going Chart

Straight Staircase plan drawings with Left Hand Balustrade

Straight staircase design drawings with Right Hand Balustrade

Quarter landing turn staircase plan drawings Left Turning Quarter Landing Staircase plans with balustrade

Quarter Landing Staircase Plans

A selection of plan layout drawings for quarter landing staircases. These designs are as a guide to help us work out the design you require.
All sizes are fully customisable.

Left Turning quarter landing Stair Layouts No Handrails

Left Turn 90º quarter landing Stair Layouts with Handrail

Right turn dog leg stair plan drawings dog leg staircase plan ayout desighs

Staircases Crafted Around You

Right Turn Quarter Landing stair Layouts No Handrail

Right Turn Stair plan 90º Quarter turn landing Layouts with Handrail


Lft hand kite winder staircase plans timber timber staircase design plan selectors

Single Winder Staircase Design Layout Drawings

A range of single turn 3 tread winder staircase designs.
These designs are as a guide to help us work out the design you require.
All sizes are fully customisable.

Single Winder Staircase Plan Drawings Left Turn No Handrail Single Winder Left Turning staircase plan catalogue drawings With Handrail Installation Video Guide - Single Winder
Right turning single winder staircase plans booklet Right turning staircase winder design stair builder specifications  
Single Kite Winder drawings Right Turn No Handrail Single Kite Winder staircase design drawings Right Turn With Handrail  
narrow width staircase desinger plans eft turning loft staircase design plans wooden staircases

Single Winder Turn Loft Winder Staircases (Minimum Width)

A selection of Loft winder staircase layout plans drawn to the minimum stair width suitable for access to loft conversions with a single bedroom.

Sizes are customisable.

Left Turn Loft Winder Stair Plan selection minimum width No Handrail Left Turning loft winder staircase drawings minimum widths With Balustrading  
loft winder stair plan widths creator find a stair drawing recommended minimum stair width for loft staircases  
Right Turning narrow width drawings for lofts No Handrails Righthand Turn compact loft winder staircase drawings With Handrail  
Left Turning anti clockwise double winder stair plan drawings left turning timber winder staircase plan layout sizes

Double winder Staircase layout drawings

A selection of typical double turn winder staircase layout drawings. Drawn here to a standard width and floor height.
These designs are as a guide to help us work out the design you require.
All sizes are fully customisable.

Double Winder Staircase plans with guide sizes Left Turn no Handrail Double Winder Stair drawings with guide dimensions - left Turn With Handrail  
staircase plans with dimensions clockwise turning winder stairs Staircase drawings with sizes clockwise double winder stairs with balustrading detailed  
Double Winder Staircase drawings Right Turn no Handrail Double Winder Stair plan drawings folder - Right Turn With Handrail  

Double Turn Quarter Landing Stair Plans

For properties with a little more space than usual these double turn quarter landing staircase drawings can be the basis for a great staircase.

left turning staircase with double quarter landing layouts


  Left Turn Double quarter space landing stair drawings No Handrail  
Stairway plan layout drawings left turning anti clockwise with banisters clockwise turning staircase drawings with dimensions stair box square landing dawings for staircases right turn with landing plaforms
Left Turning double quarter landing staircase plans With Handrails Right Turning double quarter landing platform stair design drawings No Handrails Right Turn double quarter landing stair designs With balustrade
lh half space landing drawing options left hand half space landing staircase plan drawings dimesioned

Half Landing Staircases

Staircases with a landing detail as per the image above are known as a Half Landing staircase, we have a selection of half landing stair plan dawings available.

Left Turn Half Landing Stair Layouts No Handrails

Left Turn Half Space Landing staircases with Handrail  
right turning half landing stair design drawings folder half landing staircase design layouts Rise and Go Chart
Measuring a Straight Staircase
Right Turn Half Turn Landing stair Layout drawings No Handrails Right Turning Half landing plans with Handrail


Quarter Turn Space Saver Staircase Plans

Left Turning

Right Turning

At Stairplan we have a passion for quality - Come and see our staircases at the showroom.
Space Saving Staircase Plans    



Find the staircase plan that is closest to the plan you require and call us for a quotation 01952 608853



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