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Winder staircases

Winder staircases can be made to suit many layouts let us know your requirments

On this page you can see a number of winder staircases being pre-assembled in our workshop prior to delivery.

Beech Winder staircase
Z-Form Winder staircase
Openplan Winder Staircase
Double Winder Staircase
Oak Winder staircase with Pine Treads
Cut String Winder Staircase
Circlular Staircase
Oak Openplan Winder Staircase
Newark Double Winder staircase

Beech Winder Staircase

beech winder Staircase

This Winder staircase is in Engineered Beech

The Strings are 42mm Engineered Steamed Beech the Treads are 40mm thick and the Risers are Veneered with Steamed Beech also.

The balustrading consists of 41mm Colonial spindles, 82mm Turned Newel posts with a simple ball cap.
The layout of this staircase is similar to a S1W38N (Left hand) Page Top

Oak Staircases

Preston 120 Oak Winder Staircase with Glass

Preston Oak winder staircase layout with Glass

The Preston 120 staircase above shown with the Inline Style Vision glass balustrade grooved into the handrail, with winder is a left hand stair the stairs layout code would be S2W37N the staircase features a double sided double going SQ Curtail Entry Step and a double bullnose step on the second step, the staircase also has a offside handrail on the right hand side entry run.

oak double winder staircase

Above you can see a Oak winder staircase assembled in the workshop, this has 32mm American White Oak Strings , 22mm American White oak Treads the Handrails are STHR Select oak handrail and the Newel Posts are 90mm Select oak Stop chamfered newel posts, all select oak handrail parts are available to order seperately through our online store .

Winder Staircase installation Guide

This video shows the typical installation process if you are ordering a typical single winder staircase from Stairplan



Z-Form Winder Staircase

Z form Winder Staircase

This is a winder staircase in a Z-Form the first winder goes to the right and then the next one goes to the left useful in some situations, this one is all in Engineered Pine.
A Layout code for this staircase would be S1W33ZW32N. Page top

Openplan Winder Staircases

Beech Openplan Winder Staircases

We can also manufacture Openplan winder staircases as shown above, These two staircases are manufactured in 40mm Engineered Beech with stainless steel bar inserts.

These staircases were manufactured in Engineered White Beech we now Stock Engineered Steamed Beech which is far more popular. The Staircase at the back is classed as a single winder staircase the layout code would be S4W35N.
The staircase on the right towards the front is a double winder staircase turning through 180 degrees the layout code would be S2W3W34N.
Page top

Double Winder Staircases

Double winder Staircase

Double Winder Staircase
This winder has 2No 3 tread winder turns, it is to have no handrails because it is going to be enclosed between walls, because of that the newel posts are only stub newels (not high enough to receive handrail or newel turnings) Both of the newels are load bearing (they go down to the floor)
This staircase has Engineered Pine Strings, treads, Pine 90mm newel posts and plywood risers.

(Engineered Pine is a stable quality timber)

The Layout code for this staircase would be S3W32W32N
Page top

Oak Winder Staircase

Oak Winder Staircase

The staircase above has oak strings and handrail parts the treads and risers are left in standard materials for carpeting, the staircase has a Bullnose Entry Step, the Balustrading is the Oak Classic Turned Newel posts and Imperial 41mm spindles.
Layout code S6W33N Left hand. Page top

Oak Cut String winder Staircase

Prescott Oak Staircase

This Staircase is a Bespoke high Specification Cut String Staircase in Oak, this staircase is the Prescott Staircase. The layout Code would be S3W37N Right Hand, the entry step is a Double depth curtail entry step.

Winder Staircase with a wreathed inner string

Above - a Winder Staircase with a wreathed inner string. Specification - 32mm Engineered Pine Wall String, 40mm Engineered Beech Face String, 22mm Engineered Pine Treads, 9mm Plywood Risers, Double Depth Curtail Entry Step.

Ash Winder Staircase - Designer Turned Spindles

Ash winder staircase with designer collection turned spindles and newel posts

The Ash winder staircase above features a double bullnose entry step and a offside pulpit entry handrail to the left side. , the spindles and newel posts are a custom designer collection style. The Layout code for this staircase would be S1W35N R/H

Circular Staircase - Stairplan C Staircase

Curved winding staircase

Stairplan also produce Curved Staircases - This Contemporary curcular staircase is to be finished in white with Oak Treads and Stainless steel balusters.

Oak Openplan Winder Staircase

Oak open riser winder staircase

Above - Oak Openplan Single Winder Staircase with European Style handrails, 40mm American White Oak String and Tread sections. Non Slip Nosing insert strip. Staircase Layout Code = S4W35N R/H

Newark Oak Winder Staircase

Newark oak winder staircase design

Looking down the Newark winder staircase this compact double winder stair is the ideal stair in many compact staircase installation scenarios. Stair Layouts

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Winder Stair Plan Drawings with Dimensions

stair plans for winder staircases and other stircase designs

Look at the Standard 2600mm rise standard sized winder staircases we offer - Lowest Prices !


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