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Brooklyn Staircase

Brooklyn Oak Staircase

This Oak Cut string staircase is a high specification bespoke staircase, featuring 55mm Oak turned spindles, heavy Oak turned Newel posts and a Ascending Volute detail to the handrail at the Entry.

The Brooklyn staircase

The Brooklyn staircase is similar in a number of ways to the Prescott Staircase in terms of specification the main difference with the Brooklyn staircase is we have tried to standardise on a number of the components rather than everything being bespoke as on the Prescott staircase.

Brooklyn ascending volute

One of the bespoke details on the brooklyn staircase is the Ascending volute handrail this sits over the Curtail Entry step

Oak Ascending volute from the side

A ascending volute is far more complex than a standard volute as it requires a wreath section of handrail - this enables the volute to finish at a lower height to a standard volute.

Ascending volute from the inside face of the staircase

The result is the volute is more sturdy than a standard handrail volute and it is far more comfortable to use.

American white oak staircase and entrance door

What was there before ? see the staircase that was here before this hallway was transformed.

Call for a quick price on the Brooklyn Oak Staircase - 01952 608853

Mushroom Newel Cap

On this staircase we have a Mushroom newel cap - the turnings on this staircase are turned in-house at Stairplan - Having the facilities and skills in house enables Stairplan to have complete control of your staircase project and prevents delays often caused with thisd party stairparts suppliers.

Landing balustrade

This Staircase only required a short run of landing balustrade.

Landing handrailis 1100mm high

The finish on this staircase is a Medium Oak colour.

The Brooklyn oak cut string staircase

Staircase Specification

32mm American White Oak Strings
Cut string detail to the Face Side
22mm American White Oak Treads
18mm American White Oak Risers
55mm American White Oak Brooklyn Spindles
SHR55 American White Oak Handrail
115mm American White Oak Newel Turnings
Landing Balustrade includes Stairwell lining
Curtail Entry Step
Ascending volute
Stairwell Apron Linings

Quarter landing staircase detail

At stairplan we intergrade the quarter landing into the staircase.

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