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New V-Vision Staircase

New for 2015 the V-Vision Staircase, here you can see the first V-Vision Staircase for the 2015 Grand Designs exhibition at the Excel in London.

V-Vision staircase grand designs live

Shown in Selected White Ash the V-Vision staircase make a real statement, bold design features this staircase simply oozes abundance for those who want a staircase to make an memorable impression.

white ash v vision staircase bold statement staircase design

Chunky in design with clean lines, built with a carriage support this staircase brings a real grand designs staircase with no structural limitations.

The V-Vision Staircase features Premium Square Glass Balustrade Fixings.

first V-Vision staircase in white ash

Shown here in the workshop before the glass has been installed. The V-Vision design is a stair design that has evolved from our X-Vision and Z-Vision designs. As for pricing the V-Vision staircase sits above the X-Vision staircase.

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