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How Do I Order ?

Ok so you want to order a Space-saver staircase

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What we need off you

1. We need the floor to floor measurment you require (total rise) for your staircase. Info

2. What model you require. Info

3. Do you want the Staircase Flat Pack or Assembled ? (Flatpack Assembly Video)

4. Are you happy with the standard 650mm width if not let us know what width you would prefer. Width info

5. Your Name and Address. Info

6. Do you require any handrails. Info

7. Do you require carpet inserts. Info

8. Ok Email or phone us your requirments and we will confirm the total price including the cost for delivery (usualy £99.00 + vat For Assembled (subject to location) and flatpack (subject to the model)).

9. Confirm you wish to proceed with the order by telephone on 01952 608853 and we will require your Debit/Credit card details or other payment method

Special Offers

If you require additional risers over the 13 included in the standard prices an extra cost per Riser is charged.
As all of our staircases are purpose made payment is required in full with the order.
Staircases can be collected from the factory. Where ?
If you think you would like your space saver slightly shalower than the standard 110mm going we offer a 120mm Extended going option for an extra £150.00 + Vat. Selected models only

Production time is currently 2 weeks.

The Floor to Floor height is the Vertical height from the floor the staircase sits on to the top of the floor boards on the upper floor that the staircase is rising too. Help in understanding stair measurments

We have a wide choice of Models these have various Material specifications and Styles these can be found on the Space Saver Staircases Page, Remember you get what you pay for so feel free to call us if you want to know the benefits of choosing a higher specification model.

When it comes to choosing the width you want we can offer a great deal more in the way of flexibility if you order over the phone rather thanordering through our online stores, Important things to remember are, When you put your balustrading onto the staircase this is going to reduce the clear width you have, EG a wall handrail will reduce the clear width by typically 80mm, and a Open Balustrade will reduce the width by approx 60mm.

Obviously we need your Address details to ship your staircase, any shipping charges you see will be for Mainland England and Wales, A premium is required for Shipping to Scotland and we can also provide individual costings for shipping to Ireland or even the USA.

On Alternating Tread Staircases building regulations require you to have a handrail to both sides of the staircase, from personal experience this is a must to use space saver staircases safely, we offer balustrading option on most of our models excluding the entry level Spacesaver Kit and we offer one of the widest selection of wall handrail selections available.

Carpet Inserts are only available on the following models - Birch 24, Beech 40, Ash 40 and Oak 40 Space saving Staircases, A recess is taken out of the tread. The Carpet insert provides a antislip surface to the tread, required to meet building regulations.

We accept card payments over the phone, we dont accept American Express

There is no saving in the Sale price or delivery costs if you order a Ash 40, Beech 40 or Oak 40 Space saving staircase. This is extended to all models now - No saving for Flat pack delivery.

All Space saving staircases are manufactured to order to your specific dimensions so dont expect to just turn up and take one away, Collection is available from Telford in Shropshire

We currently have a number of sales incentives available - ask for the latest pricing when you phone with your order on 01952 608853 and on our Online Shop us Coupon Code "SSAVE" through the checkout process - you can Save up to £200.00 (Oak 40) and £100.00 (Beech 40) savings will also calculate on the Budget Space saver and the Birch 24 Space saver.

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