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Metal Balusters for Staircases

We offer a Selection of Metal stair balusters.

Black Metal Balusters

When ordering your Metal balusters remember to order the correct brackets for use on the landing or the staircase rake . Installation instructions

All Metal Balusters are 850mm long these suit closed string staircases and landings and give you a handrail height of over 900mm using LHR or HDR profile handrail and BR baserail, these are not suitable for Cut String staircases.

The New Elements range of Metal Balusters will be online in February 2012.

Pine with black metal balusters Try All your stairs for Richard Burbidge Stair Parts

This Photo shows the most popular combination with the metal balusters - Madison and Savannah.

Staircase with metal balusters This Photo shows the edisto and Madison combination.


Sizes for the Metal Balusters

Metal Baluster Fixing Blocks

Oak Handrails

Oak Ungrooved Handrail

Above - STHR Oak Ungrooved handrail - ideal for Metal Balusters

New Elements Range of Metal Balusters

Staircase Ideas

Prescott oak staircase Townsend Oak staircase Vision Glass balustrade

Prescott Staircase

This is a high specification oak cut string staircase, 140mm Newel Turnings and 56mm Spindles.

Townsend Staircase

The Townsend Staircase is a High Specification oak openplan staircase with glass balustrading,

Vision glass

This shows Our vision glass Balustrading on a Oak closed staircase with the Contemporary Oak Square Handrails

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Stelten Handrail Fixings

Stelten the proffesional handrail connection

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