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Premium X-Vision Staircase in American Black Walnut -

Black walnut x-vision TEE design staircase

The X-Vision staircase is one of our most popular premium luxury staircase designs , seen here with a "Tee" in the staircase splitjng to the left and the right this particular design also then winds back again in this unique stair layout. we can offer any stair layout, email us your stair details for a quotation, why not pay a visit to our staircase showroom in Telford, call us for a appointment.


This staircase has the optional double go square curtail entry step, this detail creates the feeling of a wider and more imressive staircase, pushing the newel posts bck to the third riser it can also give you a better entry to the staircase when approaching from the side of the stair and give you a greater feeling of space in the hallway with the newel posts being further back. Phone us on 01952 608853 for a quotation email us

Luxury american black walnut staircase design with glass

On this staircase the glass has a custom detail with only the minimum amount of glass recessed into the handrail and the treads, this was specifically requested so tinsel could be wraped around the handrail for decorating the staircase at Christmas (Customer Request).

Guide Price for This Staircase £ Call for our latest offers - even better visit our showroom

The Newel post dimensions on the X-Vision range of luxury staircases is 120mm square.

luxury balck walnut  x-vision staircases

The X-Vision staircase is built with a central timber spine construction, seen here in American Black Walnut, the underside of the staircase is attractive unlike many of the other staircases in this market sector. When the optional LED lights are added the wiring is concealed within the Spine and the lower panel is removable for future access.

stairplan textured tread detail

This staircase was our first Black Walnut staircase to have the optional textured tread surface. The Textured tread surface is recommended to reduce the risk of slipping on the staircase. The Texturng is created using a structuring process where the softer wood grain is brushed awa leaving the harder wood grain raised creating a natural textured surface.

Prmium staircase american black walnut and glass

On Stairplan Premium Staircases we offer the option of over easings and up easings on the handrails, these curved sections of handrails provide a far cleaner look than hving to have newel posts everywhere the handrail may need to change direction.

Walnut staircases with embedded glass up easings on handrail

The optional stepped glass detail with Glass embedded into the stair treads offers choice over the standard detail where the glass is fixed to the side of the stair tread with the curcular XV-BRAC glass fixing bracket.

Black walnut stair treads

In this image you can see the Double Go Feature Entry step option and another view showing where the glass is recessed / embedded into the stair treads, the Edgelam Black walnut stair treads offer beauty from all angles. Below you can see a similar stair tread without the textured tread option.

luxury dark walnut stair treads

Luxury Dark Walnut stair treads are aslo available to have the optional Textured Tread Surface to enhance the slip resistance , you can try this out in our showroom.
More on this staircase above


So if you are looking for a Luxury staircase in American Black Walnut contact Stairplan Email and request a quoation on the X-Vision Staircase in Walnut. More

See the X-Vision staircase in our showroom - Phone 01952 608853 for a appointment.

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