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Ash Openplan Staircase - European Style Handrail

The Staircase we have featured on this page is a Ash Openplan double winder staircase with our European style handrail. This staircase has had the curves to the handrails enhanced as requested by the customer.

Ash Openplan winder staircase curved handails

This is a Stairplan 40mm Openplan Staircase specification with the European Style Handrail and single riser safety bars.

The stair strings sections are 40mm in thickness, the treads are also 40mm , the staircase has single stainless steel riser safety bars to ensure a 100mm sphere cannot pass through between the stair treads for the purposes of building regulations.

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Openplan Double winder staircase in a ash hardwood

Stairplan produce staircases using the highest quality materials and machinery available. The Spindles we have on this European styled staircase are stainless steel tube and this is drilled into the string and the handrail at the point of manufacture using the latest in staircase software and 5 Axis CNC technology. This image shows the additional bespoke curves that have been put into the railing and the features in the grain of the Ash.

Ash double kite winder staircase riser safety bars

On this staircase there is a offside handrail to the exit side of the staircase.

Offside handrail on the exit side sweeping handrail

On this image above you can see the typical grain you would get on a Ash Hardwood Staircase from Stairplan. Ash is a lighter alternative to Oak and can offer a similar grain pattern.

Phone us on 01952 608853 and ask how to get a quotation on a Ash Staircase

Ash Staircase with the European style handrail

At Stairplan we assemble all staircases fully before they get taken back down into managable sizes for delivery and access, this ensures the installation is straight forward. Next Stair | Previous Stair


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