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I Need Some Advice ?

Is the question regarding one of our models ?
Is the question regarding the space a staircase takes up ?
Is the question regarding Space saver Staircases ?
Is the question regarding lead times ?
Is the question regarding Building Regulations ?

If the question is relating to one of the models we produce we need to do the best we can to assist

Find out the model they are enquiring about ?
What would they like to know regarding that particular model ?
If it is a technical question you do not know the answer to - ask one of the senior advisors if they can give you the answer.
If they require a guide price then ask the type of layout for the model in question and refer to the price guide.

If the question is relating to the space a staircase will take up ?

We have a selection of example staircase plans online that can give a guide to the space a staircase would take up with a standard 2600mm floor height.

We have a Rise and Going Chart available to assist people with this.

Yes the sizes can be adjusted but subject to building regulations.

Can we give them any further guidence -

  • If our designers are quiet then yes we will give more assistance
  • If they are at the point of ordering the staircase then yes we will give assistance - but they need to go through the Stair Enquiry process.
  • There architect on the project should be the one to guide them.

Space Saver Staircases

Where can a space saver staircase be used ?
How much space does a space saving staircase take up ?
How wide are space saver staircases ?
Can I have a Winder on a Space Saver ?

Where can you use a Space Saver Staircase ?

Alternating Tread (Space Saver) stairs should only be installed in one or more straight flights for a loft conversion and then only when there is not enough space to accomodate a conventional staircase that meets part K of the building regulations. It should only be used for access to one habitable room, together if desired with a bathroom and / or WC. This must not be the only WC within the dwelling.

How to Calculate the Space taken up on Space Saver Staircases ?

The Space depends on how high the staircase needs to be - Ask the floor to floor height ?
Once you have the floor to floor height you need to work out the number of risers required.
The Maximum Rise height that is allowed within the building regs is 220mm but the target you should be trying to achieve is between 195 and 205mm.
190mm is generally the lowest we would look at under standard pricing.
Once you go over 210mm rise then the Alternating tread design becomes more uncomfortable to use.

You should now know the number of risers you want

There is a calculation that can be used - This is the (number of Risers x 110mm) + 30mm

Or look at the chart below

10 Riser Staircase 1130mm
11 Riser Staircase 1240mm
12 Riser Staircase 1350mm
13 Riser Staircase 1460mm
14 Riser Staircase 1570mm
15 Riser Staircase 1680mm
16 Riser Staircase 1790mm

Quarter Landing Space Saver Stairs

You can use the same method as above to work out each run length then just add the width of the staircase.

Staircase Lead Times

The lead time depends on the specification and the location of the delivery.

If its a general pine specification then you are looking at around 2 weeks if the staircase is in our regular delivery areas.

If the staircase is a general Oak Staircase then 2 to 3 weeks.

If the stair has glass in the specification then the delivery time may be longer or there will be a second delivery for the Glass.

Higher Specification staircases like the X-Vision are typically 6 weeks on the lead time, ask for the style/specification they require and then one of the senior staff members can give a more accurate idea.

Location - We cover most of the UK mainland within a 2 week period, Scotland deliveries may be passed onto our specialist partner but in short allow an extra week. Devon and Cornwall, Norfolk are other areas that we may not deliver to every 2 weeks and need an additional week.

Staircase Regulations FAQ's - Domestic Staircases

How steep can a staircase be ?
What is the maximum Riser Height ?
What is the Minimum Tread Size ?
Maximum Number of Risers ?
What is the Minimum Width of a Staircase ?


Other questions should be for the Architect on the project or call there local building control.

The Maximum pitch for a domestic staircase is 42º

On a domestic staircase the maximum riser height is 220mm but the going needs to be a suitable size to achieve the 42º maximum pitch

Mininum Tread size is referred to as the Minimum going Size - Minimum Going is 220mm - (Scotland 225mm minimum going)

On a straight staircase it is generally accepted that you should have no more than 16 risers in a straight flight without a intermediate landing or change of direction. This is stated for a stair that serves an area used as a shop or for assembly purposes but it is recommended practice to try and adhear to this on domestic stairs also.

On domestic staircases in most circumstances there is no minimum width and it is left in the hands of the designer.
As a guide for a loft staircase you should be looking for a minimum of 600mm clear and on a Main stair 800mm clear. in most other circumstances 900mm clear width is required.



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